Beauvert Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Namaste Canada Musings — Chapter 1


My wife and I recently moved to Canada from the USA amidst the government imposed lockdown and border closure restrictions due to COVID-19. To avoid the complications associated with air travel, we decided to drive from our nest in Ohio to our new home in Alberta, Canada. We were familiar with the landscape in the USA but were touching the Canadian land for the first time — naturally, we were ambivalent. Today, we have spent six months in Canada after crossing through that Pembina (USA) — Emerson (Canada) border and in this post…

In this post, we will learn how to install Openslide-Python on a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and Anaconda Python 3.7.

Openslide-Python is a popular Python module for reading whole slide images. Whole slide images are gigapixel multi-resolution images of tissue sections and are also known as digital (or virtual) slides in the computational pathology community. Due to their enormous size, whole slide images can not be read directly into computer’s memory using standard Python libraries. Openslide provides the flexibility of loading small patches of these digital slides at the required resolution level. …

Hypothesis are our assumptions about the data which may or may not be true. In this post we’ll discuss about the statistical process of evaluating the truthiness of a hypothesis — this process is known as hypothesis testing.

Most of the statistical analysis has its genesis in comparing two types of distributions: population distribution and sample distribution. Let’s understand these terms through an example — Suppose we want to statistically test our hypothesis that on average, the performance of students in a standard aptitude test has improved in the last decade. We’re given a dataset containing the marks (maximum marks…

A worked example to understand aforementioned concepts

In this post we’ll build intuitive understanding of descriptive statistics including mean and standard deviation, and inferential statistics including standard error of the mean, and confidence intervals. We’ll also develop an understanding of the central limit theorem in this process. The R code used for generating examples in this post is available here.

Let’s begin our journey by assuming that we have N = 10,000 students in a country who studied Physics in their l0th grade. We noted the marks they obtained, out of 100, after their final exam and the histogram (with intervals of 10) of these marks is…

How to select the best model from the available options?

Statistical performance measures are often used for model selection in machine learning and statistical inference. From multiple models trained with different sets of hyper-parameters and parameters, the one that gives best performance in terms of a selected performance criterion is finally adopted. Let’s understand commonly used performance metrics for model selection through an example so that we can choose one of these for our model selection.

Let’s assume that we have a pregnancy test that gives us binary results, positive (or 1), if tested individual is pregnant and negative (or…

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